Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter Pizza!

This fine artisan pizza is a one-handed creation, courtesy of B., who refuses to let a broken wrist interfere with his artistic process. (And thanks to the no-knead method of the very useful tome: Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.)

On Christmas Eve B. fell off a stool while changing a light bulb and we found ourselves in the emergency room, where -- at the stroke of midnight -- a cheerful doctor strode into our cubicle, exclaiming "It's Christmas Day! Merry Christmas!" Not at all like the terrifying Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, the dreadful apparition who appeared to Scrooge as the clock struck twelve, he seemed more like Scrooge himself on Christmas morning, brimming over with holiday cheer.

Since it was the left wrist that had a hairline fracture, pizza making continues with only a little help here and there from willing bystanders. The garden contribution is a bit of sauteed kale and chard strewn sparingly over the tomatoes and cheese. Evidently the artistic secret is not to overdo the toppings.

As for the 2010 Eat the Yard Challenge (something from the garden every day), we have hit the three week mark -- which is probably about average for New Year's resolutions.

January 18: a bit of fresh cilantro in the chili, garden salad
January 19: same
January 20: winter pizza, with chard and kale topping
January 21: spaghetti with garden tomato sauce from the freezer, leftover sauteed greens

Tonight it's salad again; I picked a basket full of makings this afternoon when the sun came out.

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