Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eat the Yard: 2010 New Year's Challenge

Today's harvest is typical of these cold grey mid-winter days -- salad makings galore. There are four kinds of lettuce, two kinds of spinach, and some extras to add flair: cilantro, miner's lettuce, and arugula. Oh yes, there are also three wizened and pale Better Boy tomatoes from the dried up branches hanging in the garage. These may not be usable -- too dry or rotted inside -- but even if only a tiny morsel is edible, it packs a much greater ascorbic acid "hit" on the palate than the mushy globes from the supermarket.

Five days into the new year, we are on track to meet a private New Year's resolution: eat something from the yard every day, even if it's just a sprig of parsley or a twig of thyme (we wouldn't eat the twig, of course).

For the past two days we've had vegetable soup for dinner enlivened with lots of kale, chard, and parsley from the garden.

The two days before that the yard contribution was fresh garden salad. The photo above actually comes from mid-December when, along with the salad, we had spagetti supremo with a heavenly marinara sauce made from this summer's tomato squeezings from the freezer.

So far in 2010:

January 1: garden salad
January 2: garden salad
January 3: vegetable soup with garden greens
January 4: vegetable soup with garden greens

What's on for tonight??? Hmmmmmm . . . . . let's see what's available . . . .

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