Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Big Storm of the Season

As promised, a major storm gusted its way through the Bay Area today. With remnants of a Japanese typhoon amping up its wind and rain power, there are plenty of stories of blocked roads, downed trees, and power outages. My tour of the backyard showed only minor local effects, however. A small branch of one of the white locust trees fell onto the leaf pile.

The hollyhocks were flattened. I'm sorry to see them go, but they have had a nice run. This is the second batch after the first round grew so tall they fell over all on their own. I had to cut them down; then this junior varsity team took their places. Now the season's really over.

The wheelbarrow was almost filled by what were evidently record breaking downpours.

The Red Sails lettuce was also flattened. I'm hoping against hope that they will be able to stand up again. I might try to prop them. Lettuce season is not over! We need those leaves to keep our salads going until the new seedlings size up.

Here's what the Red Sails looked like before being cruelly struck down before their time: putting forth proud stalks with little florets just forming. And the leaves are still tasty.