Monday, January 11, 2010

Thyme for Soup!

Above: English thyme is on the left, rose bouquet thyme on the right -- each growing out of its private compartment in an old cinder block. This arrangement makes a cost-effective border for the very utilitarian black plastic raised beds that form our garden. So far there are only a few blocks lined up against a couple of beds, planted with thyme, cilantro, and alyssum.

Mostly the thyme is decorative, but on a cold, grey winter's eve the thyme becomes the harvest: just the right grace note for a big pot of French onion soup.

Three hungry people made short work of this classic dish.

The only accompaniment was a fresh garden salad.

So far we are meeting the self-imposed 2010 Eat the Yard challenge of having something from the garden every day -- mostly salad. The challenge has been a nice incentive to get out there and harvest something no matter how uninviting the weather.

January 5: garden salad (lettuce, baby spinach, miner's lettuce, arugula, cilantro)
January 6: French onion soup with garden thyme, garden salad
January 7: garden salad
January 8: garden salad
January 9: sauteed garden greens (kale, chard), with juice of Meyer lemon from the tree
January 10: quinoa with fresh garden greens and summer green beans from the freezer

And for tonight? More salad!

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