Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Eat-the-Chard Challenge

It's peak time for the chard, which is being harvested by the armfuls: as much as we can carry and give away and, of course, eat. I made another big batch of green soup. It was mostly chard, supplemented by kale and broccoli.

This time the soup actually made it to the dinner table for a quick feast. What it lacked in general crowd appeal (except to fanatics like myself) it made up for in ease of preparation, i.e. it was already made and just needed heating up. A sprinkling of parmesan cheese helped a lot. The ubiquitous garden salad rounded out the occasion.

We have been keeping up with the self-imposed 2010 Eat the Yard Challenge of eating something from the garden every day, even if only a sprig of parsley. So far we've only missed two days. Once we had a late medical appointment in San Francisco and decided to wait out the traffic in Sausalito, watching rainbows over the Golden Gate and dining with an old friend. The other time was a wedding. So we have good excuses.

The rest of the time it has been the usual round of salad almost every night, lettuce on tacos or veggie burgers, and greens in the soup. There was one instance of emergency parsley added to a tomato sauce at the last minute.

I find the Challenge very motivating in making sure that the abundance in the yard makes it onto the table.

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