Monday, December 14, 2009

Seed Gathering

Yesterday, I pulled out the nasturtiums, two big trailing plants worth of slimy mess, and threw them on the compost pile. The bare spot where they used to be was littered with their seeds. I couldn't help marveling at the layered poetry of earthy debris, seemingly dead but really a petrie dish of teeming life, mixed with newly sprouting life of forget-me-nots and stored life of nasturtiums. There were lots of locust tree pods mixed in and a few bits of redwood and eucalyptus, not to mention a couple of gooey remnants of nasturtium leaves. What a montage! (Click on the photo above to enlarge it and see the details.)

Today I gathered up the nasturtium seeds and brought them inside.

It's a simple matter to strew them on a plate and let them sit on the dining room table to dry. The fat green newly gathered ones are mixed with some dried up specimens from an earlier seed gathering foray.

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