Saturday, July 11, 2009

Waiting for Tomatoes

Zucchini, beans, and basil on their own do not signal the full-on season of plenty -- despite refrigerator shelves sagging under the weight of this week's harvest. We are waiting for the tomatoes to give us that sense of overwhelming mid-summer abundance. Almost every day we poke around in the tomato jungle to inspect the growing green globes for any promising indications. The sungold cherry tomatoes are almost ready, the plant is about six feet tall and poking through the overhead lattice, a few fruits at the bottom are sunny and golden. The Black Krim are sizing up -- plants four feet tall, fruits not quite tennis ball size -- but have a way to go before the fruits get their characteristic dusky hue. The workhorse Better Boys are five feet tall with lots of green fruit ranging from golf balls to tennis balls.

Planting history:

Variety: Better Boy hybrid
Source: Rivertown (Soda Rock Farm) seedlings
How many: 4 plants
Seedlings planted out: May 3

Variety: Black Krim organic heirloom
Source: Whole Foods (Sweetwater Nursery) seedling
How many: 1 plant
Seedlings planted out: May 10

Variety: Sungold hybrid cherry
Source: Rivertown (Soda Rock Farm) seedling
How many: 1 plant
Seedlings planted out: May 10

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