Thursday, July 9, 2009

From Blossom to Bean to Belly

You can really see the progression of growth here on this very fruitful spur of what I think are Blue Lake beans (note to self: always label the seed pots!!!). Blue Lakes are rounder and plumper than the more flattened Kentucky Wonders. Lined up on this spur: blossoms at the tip, a teeny tiny beanlet just starting out, and some maturing beans almost ready to pick. The last couple of weeks we had a few beans at a time, enough to grace a soup. Now we have a mixed bagful of both varieties, enough for a centerpiece dish: green beans almondine. Yum.

Planting history:
Variety: Blue Lake pole beans (probably)
Source: Squirrels Seeds
Seeds planted: March 29, 2009
Seedlings planted out: May 10, 2009
First harvest: Sometime around June 30

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