Monday, June 13, 2011

Pea Harvest: Golden Sweet

There are now lots and lots of pale, lemony, flat-podded Golden Sweet peas hanging on the ample vines along the fence. Most of them have a cute little blue frill at the stem end, the remnants of the faded blossom. They are crunchy and sweet to the taste.

We tried them in a stir fry with great results.

Some of them are fattening up. By this stage they have lost the little blue neckerchief.

We tried shelling some and adding the shelled peas to a pesto dinner, with mediocre results. They were not bad-tasting but didn't add anything, pretty much starchy and tasteless. Lesson learned: use the Golden Sweet like snow peas, not like English peas.

There are plenty left on the vine so I think I will let them go full cycle and see if they work as dried peas.

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