Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thirty-two Days and Counting!

So far in 2010 we have eaten something from the garden every day, if only a sprig or two of parsley or cilantro.

Pictured above is the very tasty dish of quinoa with winter greens from the yard and green beans from the freezer. Recently, B. found directions on the Web for non-mushy, truly fluffy quinoa, (thank you Andrew, wherever you are!) a discovery that is really going to improve our quality of life going forward. (Full disclosure: the photo is from several weeks ago and shows mushy quinoa, not new-improved fluffy quinoa, which disappeared too fast to be photographed.)

I've always been a quinoa fan because, even mushy, it tastes good, and also the idea of quinoa is so appealing: sacred grain of the Inca empire, a complete protein, cooks in 15 minutes -- what else could you ask for, little prizes in every box? But now the reality matches and exceeds the philosophy: the instructions for fluffy quinoa resulted in a dish so delicious we were both scraping up every little translucent seed left on our plates.

Update on 2010 Eat the Yard Challenge

January 22: garden salad
January 23: same
January 24: a bit of chopped cilantro in the quesadillas (yum) and garden salad
January 25: vegetable soup with winter greens
Janaury 26: side dish of sauteed winter greens
January 27: same
January 28: a bit of chopped parsley in the nut loaf
January 29: garden salad
January 30: quinoa with winter greens and freezer green beans
January 31: vegetable soup with winter greens
February 1: garden salad

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