Monday, August 3, 2009

Cute Cukes

Lemon cucumbers are such friendly plants -- perky and cheerful and productive without putting on a big show. Once a vine gets up to speed you can count on a continuous supply until frost. There's more than enough for salads galore, falafal fixings, and no doubt other more exotic uses we haven't tried yet. There's always plenty left over to give away by the handful.

The small bright yellow blossoms are as fragile as tissue paper. The pale-lemon, bristly, egg-shaped fruits are so cute you want to collect them like beanie babies or give them nicknames -- at least until it's time to make a salad. Garden mascots.

We have two vigorous vines growing this season and for a couple of weeks have been picking one or two every few days. They haven't really reached peak production yet.

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