Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

I didn't know that zucchini blossoms bloom and fade in one brief day, just like the morning glories. Here's the same female flower from yesterday all folded up. The first baby zucchini of the season is ready to get growing. Did pollination occur? We shall see. Often the first few zucchinis are like the first few pancakes -- a bit misshapen and undersized but representing the best of intentions and promising more to come.

Yesterday's male zucchini blossom has also wilted overnight. It's on a different plant from the female blossom. Each plant produces both kinds of blossoms, but one male and one female on two different plants is all that's happening right now. Who knows if the bees managed to find them in time. RIP brave, life-affirming little flowers.

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