Sunday, January 20, 2008


There's only a minor bit of yard debris left from the big storms of a couple of weeks ago: a wayward plum tree listing toward the overhead wires in the front, a big mass of Cecil Bruner rose thicket that fell down in the back. These are all things that need to be pruned away in any case. January is a month of trimming back.

On days when it's just too cold to work outside --even if bright and inviting -- the pruning takes place inside, where it is known as de-cluttering. Closets, drawers, corners, backs and undersides of everything that can be reached. I wonder if the Goodwill and Salvation Army are aware of this seasonal compulsion and put on extra staff to receive the booty of everyone's compulsive clearing away of personal debris?

They must be aware of the cycle, because the retail outlets certainly are. Festive paraphernalia of December gets replaced overnight with sales on storage bins and tools of household organization. Do New Year's resolutions arise from some primeval urge to get rid of what weighs us down, to get in shape for the quickening that is coming?

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